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File:Alan Hovhaness.jpg|thumb '''Alan Hovhaness''' (;"Hovhaness". ''Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary''. , March 8, 1911 – June 21, 2000) was an Americans|American composer of Armenians|Armenian and Scottish people|Scottish descent. He was one of the most prolific 20th-century composers, with his official catalog comprising 67 numbered symphonies (surviving manuscripts indicate over 70) and 434 opus numbers.The number of opus numbers was identified as 434 by Kenneth Page in a review in ''Limelight'' magazine (Australia), May 2007, p. 55 The true tally is well over 500 surviving works since many opus numbers comprise two or more distinct works. ''The Boston Globe'' music critic Richard Buell wrote: "Although he has been stereotyped as a self-consciously Armenian composer (rather as Ernest Bloch is seen as a Jewish composer), his output assimilates the music of many cultures. What...
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